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65 miles on my 65th Birthday

No media, no fanfare, no cheering crowds……just 17 hours of running and walking and a sense of accomplishment that will last forever.  I wasn’t sure if I still had the heart, and legs, to do it but I proved to myself that I can still challenge my limits and accomplish what I set out to do.


We all are obliged to COPE with a variety of things every day of our lives. We COPE with trivial matters and we COPE with huge, life altering issues. Many times we COPE in mindless, habitual ways, and that can be an acceptable way to confront certain situations. There is no need to put a lot of original thought and long term planning into how you’re going to COPE with your morning drive-time traffic or what you’re going to have for lunch. But, there are quite a number of things in our lives with which we must COPE that could bear some thought and planning in order to reach the optimal outcome.

The shirt off your back

I know that not all of you who read my blog posts are runners or walkers or triathletes, but most of you are. And it’s a well known fact that runners, walkers and triathletes have drawers full of tee-shirts they seldom, if ever wear. Folks…the people in Haiti don’t even have drawers………. much less tee-shirts to put in them.