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C. O. P. E.

Conceptualize   Organize   Personalize    Exercise

We all are obliged to COPE with a variety of things every day of our lives.  We COPE with trivial matters and we COPE with huge, life altering issues.  Many times we COPE in mindless, habitual ways, and that can be an acceptable way to confront certain situations.  There is no need to put a lot of original thought and long term planning into how you’re going to COPE with your morning drive-time traffic or what you’re going to have for lunch.  But, there are quite a number of things in our lives with which we must COPE that could bear some thought and planning in order to reach the optimal outcome.

An example from my own life…..  “okay, I’ve committed to running from the Golden Gate Bridge to the steps of the Capitol Building in D.C. in support of Habitat for Humanity, how do I COPE with that mission?”

I use the system that I developed many years ago, and it goes like this:
Conceptualize…..the idea stage.  First you must conceive of what it is you want to accomplish or change in your life.

Organize…this step is the gathering / planning step.  You begin to look at your concept/idea from a practical  perspective.  “How am I going to make this plan work?”

Personalize….what do I know about myself and how I function that will help or hinder my ultimate goal.

Exercise….put your plan into operation.

My challenge to you is to select one area of your life that you would like to improve and begin to think about how this C.O.P.E. strategy can take you there.

I am eager to act as your consultant, guide, sounding board or “coach”.  Contact me for input.

My credentials: 64 plus years on the planet; MA in counseling; experience using C.O.P.E. to run from San Francisco to Washington DC, and a few other things; founding and growing a successful business; and reading a lot of really useful books.


Come On People….Engage life.

Conceptualize   Organize   Personalize   Exercise

Jerry Dunn