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Awards & Achievements


  • To celebrate his 60th birthday, Jerry ran 60 miles on an 1/8 mile indoor track at Black Hills State University.  This effort raised over $1000 for a climbing wall at the local middle school.


  • A Record 200 Marathon distances in  1 calendar year, all on certified marathon courses.


  • Los Angeles Marathon – Los Angeles, CA
    (Ran the course on 14 consecutive days)


  • 29 consecutive days on the NYC Marathon course……first 28 day on the original marathon course in Central Park.
  • Personally congratulated by Brian and Jennifer Maxwell, co-founders of PowerBar, for this achievement NYC Marathon – New York City
  • Los Angeles Marathon – Los Angeles, CA
    (Ran course 13 consecutive days)


  • As a promotion for the Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini-Marathon and The Finish Line Stores I ran the 13.1 mile course on 13 consecutive days.
  • Megan’s 24 Hour Track Run . . . Beginning at 6AM on a Saturday morning, on a High School track in Portland, Jerry ran 74 miles in 16 hours.  He then took a five hour nap in a tent in the infield.  Went start line of Portland Marathon on Sunday morning and completed the event in 5:31:23, thus accomplishing his goal of 100 miles in less than 30 hours elapsed time.  In the process he raised over $800 for SIDS.


  • “A Marathon of Marathons”
    As my way of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Boston Marathon, I began running the entire course on March 21st and ran it every day for 26 consecutive days  The 26th day coincided with the official 100th running of the fabled Boston Marathon.   This amazing feat was the one of the lead human interest stories on the NBC TODAY Show on race morning.   3/96


  • Elaine and Jerry married during Disney World Marathon. Seen live on the NBC TODAY Show
  • Ran 49 miles to celebrate my birthday


  • Recognized in the Congressional Record for completion of 104 marathons.
  • Presented Ray Sears Award by Senator Richard Lugar at the Lugar Run, Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • City of Los Angeles “Marathon Champion Honoree”.
  • U.S. Mega-Marathon Association 1994 World Marathon Champion recipient.
  • 4th Annual Siberian International Marathon – Omsk, Siberia – Invited participant.


  • Honored by City of Los Angeles Marathon Committee, Achilles Track Club and Green Foods Corporation for “93 in ‘93″.
  • Successfully completed 104 marathons in a single calendar year, at that time a world record, as noted in the U.S. Congressional Record, 2/6/94


  • Leadville Trail 100 mile. – 8/92 Only Ultra DNF (yes, I am human).
  • Invited runner in the Trans Colorado 500K (a 310 mile, 50 mile per day stage race to raise money for the homeless shelters of Colorado)


  • Shore to Shore in 104
    Transcontinental run with help from Habitat for Humanity International and Logo Athletics. Logistically organized and executed a solo run from San Francisco to Washington, DC in 104 days, raising awareness and funds for the working poor. Began running in San Francisco with the goal of running to Washington DC. The total mileage was 2707, of which I ran 1900 and cycled the rest. This was an awareness-raiser for Habitat for Humanity called “Shore to Shore in 104″. I arrived in Washington, DC on September 27, 1991. –
  • Received personal congratulations from President Jimmy Carter for “Shore to Shore in 104″.
  • Received official flag of the City of Chicago, autographed by Mayor Daly, just prior to running the Chicago marathon.
  • “Jerry Dunn Day” in the entire state of West Virginia.
  • Greeted by Senator Dan Coates on the steps of the Capitol Building on completion of “Shore to Shore in 104″.
  • Honored by Governor of State of Colorado.
  • Honored by Governor of Nevada.
  • Jerry Dunn Day in Indianapolis.
  • Honored by Indiana Governor’s Council for Sports & Fitness dedication to the sport of running


  • Across the State in 28
    A trans-Indiana run (3 days of 50 miles per day) as a fund raiser for Habitat for Humanity.
  • Vermont 100 Mile Trail Run  First attempt at 100 miles
    Set and achieved goal of running 100 miles in less than 24 hours. (22:42:31)


  • Adventure Run, Greece
    Ran from Athens, Greece to Maratona, Greece . . . just to say I had run the original marathon course run by Phiddipides of ancient times.


  • Chicago Marathon. My time: 3:235:87  MY personal best at the marathon distance.
  • Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini-Marathon. My time: 1:32  My personal best at Half Marathon distance


  • Philadelphia Independence Marathon. My time: 3:32  My first ever marathon.


  • My first official race was a 10K sponsored by the Sarasota Herald Tribune. My time: 62 minutes. – 2/77 For the next five years, I was into social running, competing in 5K, 10K and a few 9 mile races. A marathon seemed totally impossible.


  • My first run was 1/4 mile on the beach at Sarasota, FL. My entire first year of running was done barefoot. – 1/76